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About PC3

We are the Radio and Television class located at the Porter County Career and Technical Center in Valparaiso Indiana. Our goal is to educate high school students in professional radio and television production by offering a hands-on experience.


To give these kids the stepping stones they need to be successful in this career path later in life, we have done all kinds of projects as well as working out in the community with real clients.


For example, we work with Valparaiso High School live-streaming football games, as well as working with other local schools to live-stream other sports. You can check out our live-streams and some of our other projects right on our website or Facebook page where you can catch sneak peaks at new projects or get behind the scenes coverage.


PC3 has also now introduced a 24/7 Radio Station called PC3 Radio. You can click the tab above where we feature Podcasts, Sports, News, and more for the first time in the Career Center's history!


We have accomplished so much and we are just getting started, this is the new PC3 Media.

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